HBF Arena Kennedya Drive Joondalup WA 6027
Day Aquatic centre Fitness centre Crèche Café 
Monday - Thursday 5.30am - 8.00pm 5.30am - 9.00pm 8.15am - 1.00pm 7.30am - 5.00pm 
Friday 5.30am - 8.00pm 5.30am - 8.00pm 8.15am - 1.00pm 7.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday 6.00am - 6.00pm 6.00am - 6.00pm 8.15am - 12.00pm 7.30am - 5.00pm
Sunday 8.00am - 5.00pm

8.00am - 2.00pm

8.00am - 5.00pm (from 6 Oct)

CLOSED 8.30am - 4.00pm

On public holiday or during holiday periods the venue may be closed or opening times may differ, visit the public holiday hours page for up to date information. 

HBF Arena

Kennedya Drive Joondalup WA 6027

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HBF Arena is approximately 1km from the Joondalup railway station, about 15 minutes by foot. Buses run regularly from the train station and surrounding suburbs.


There are 1000 parking spaces at the venue including disabled and motorbike bays. Bicycle racks are located by the entrance to secure your bike. A parking fee may apply during major events.

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Kennedya Drive Joondalup WA 6027


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HBF Health Insurance Member Offer - 3 free passes for fitness classes or pool

In these terms and conditions, “VenuesWest” means the Western Australian Sports Centre Trust, trading as VenuesWest; and “management” means the management of VenuesWest; and “loss or damages to property” includes economic, indirect and consequential loss.

On commencement of this 3 free passes for fitness classes or pool (Membership), I acknowledge that I will be bound by the terms and conditions of this Membership set out and referred to in this document. As a VenuesWest member, I understand that I am entitled to use the group fitness classes and swimming pools only during the facilities operating hours and subject to lane availability. Presentation of a “fit to exercise medical clearance” from a medical practitioner may be necessary if requested before proceeding with an exercise programme. This Membership is non-transferable and is valid for 3 single visits to group fitness classes or swimming pools from Monday 7 January 2019 – Tuesday 30 April 2019.

On entering the venue, please present your voucher to the reception staff in order for your visit to be recorded. Membership cards cannot be used by any person other than the person entitled.

Patrons must abide by VenuesWest’s Conditions of Entry, available online and at reception.

Children under the age of 16 years are not permitted to enter any VenuesWest gym or fitness facility. If using the aquatic facilities, children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied and closely supervised by a guardian (over 16 years) at all times. Children under the age of 6 years must be within arm’s reach of a supervising adult (over 16 years) at all times within the aquatic facilities.

3 free passes for fitness classes or pool (Membership) holders can only access the gym to attend group fitness classes. Access to gym equipment is only allowed if a casual gym pass is bought.

Appropriate gym attire and closed in training shoes must be worn at all times in the gym. Work clothes, boots and casual clothes are not permitted. Pool users are required to wear standard and appropriate swimwear when utilising the pools. Clothing other than conventional swimwear is not permitted.

Members must bring a towel to every workout and place on upholstery of equipment and wipe down machines after use. No towel, no entry. (Disposable towels are available for purchase). The dropping of weights or improper use of any fitness equipment will not be tolerated for any reason. A member shall not possess any greater right to access than a casually paying person. A first come rule applies to all classes where the numbers exceed maximum levels.


All patrons are requested to shower before entering the swimming pool. We request that patrons dry themselves after pool use and before entering any other areas of the venue.

All items found are placed in lost property for a period of one (1) month and if not claimed will be donated to a charity after this time. Please note that VenuesWest takes no responsibility and bears no liability (in negligence or howsoever) for any lost or stolen items whilst members are in, on or using our facilities. Lost property enquiries are to be directed to reception.

A limited number of free lockers and open storage units are available to all gym patrons. VenuesWest requests that all belongings be kept in a locker or storage unit during your visit and not on the gym floor. A limited number of coin operated lockers are available within the aquatic facilities. VenuesWest highly recommends all patrons keep their valuables in lockers when visiting the venue. VenuesWest takes no responsibility and shall not be liable (in negligence or howsoever) for belongings and valuables whether placed in lockers, storage units or not.

The use of cameras and mobile phones in change rooms or toilets is strictly prohibited. To ensure privacy is maintained, the use of cameras, including mobile phones, is only permitted with immediate members of your group.


VenuesWest reserves the right and authority to alter and/or cancel any class, activity or access to facility space due to the hosting of major events, swimming carnivals etc.

All signs posted in the venue should be considered part of the rules and regulations of the venue and therefore must be abided by.

VenuesWest reserves the right to refuse admission to any person or to cancel any membership without warning due to inappropriate behaviour. Reasons for cancellation may include failure to comply with VenuesWest training etiquette, failure to comply with VenuesWest’s Conditions of Entry, failure to comply with these terms and conditions, or any reason that VenuesWest deems appropriate.

I acknowledge that as a member of VenuesWest, I may receive relevant communications and marketing materials from VenuesWest. VenuesWest will not distribute any personal details to any third party without prior permission.

Food and beverage (except water and sports drinks) should only be consumed in designated areas throughout the venue. Commercial fast food, alcohol and glass containers are not permitted in the venue.

No private business may be conducted within VenuesWest’s facilities and its surrounding grounds without written consent of VenuesWest.

Should any interpretation on construction of these terms and conditions arise, then the decision of management in relation to that question shall be final and no claim for compensation or damages or refund 
may be made by the patron against VenuesWest.

I acknowledge that physical activity at any gymnasium (involving weights, facilities or other equipment, or howsoever) is or can be inherently, actually and/ or potentially hazardous or dangerous and that mishaps, accidents and injury including death) can occur owing to poor physical fitness or condition, the acts or omissions of myself and/or others, equipment failure, wrong or poor technique, over-exertion or any other cause, whether foreseen or unforeseen. If the person who will be using the membership at the premises of VenuesWest pursuant to this Membership is a minor, then I shall procure that person to abide by all terms and conditions of this Membership as if that person were contractually bound to do so. I hereby declare that all particulars and details I have provided to VenuesWest are true and correct. I warrant that I am in a good state of health, fitness and physical condition and that there is no medical or other reason whatsoever that could be regarded as a restriction upon or an impediment to my membership or participation in gym activities. I acknowledge and agree that during all such times as I am on the premises of VenuesWest or its surrounds

that both my property and my person shall be at my own risk in every respect. I hereby release, exclude and discharge VenuesWest and all employees, volunteers, agents and officers thereof from and against all past, current and future liability, in negligence or howsoever, arising from any injury, illness or death or loss of or damage to property occurring to or sustained by me or any child of mine or who is under my care and control whilst in, at or near the premises of VenuesWest. Further I shall not bring or assert or allow to be brought or asserted any claim, demand, cause of action, proceeding, action or the like against VenuesWest or any employee, volunteer, agent or officer thereof in contravention of the previous sentence. I hereby indemnify and shall keep indemnified VenuesWest and its members, volunteers, agents, officers and employees (‘those Indemnified’) from, against and in respect to all loss, damage, costs, expenses, claims, demands, actions and liability (howsoever described) suffered, incurred or brought against any of those Indemnified arising from or relating to any:

(a) injury, illness or death of myself or any minor or other person for whom I am responsible; or

(b) loss of or damage (including economic, indirect or consequential loss) to property owned by me or anyone else (including any minor or other person for whom I am responsible) arising from, on account of or in connection with:

(c) the use of any gym, weights, facilities or equipment of VenuesWest by me or any minor or other person for whom I am responsible; or

(d) this Membership or any other requirements of VenuesWest, or any breach thereof by me or any minor or other person for whom I am responsible.