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HBF Arena

Kennedya Drive Joondalup WA 6027

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HBF Arena is approximately 1km from the Joondalup railway station, about 15 minutes by foot. Buses run regularly from the train station and surrounding suburbs.


There are 1000 parking spaces at the venue including disabled and motorbike bays. Bicycle racks are located by the entrance to secure your bike. A parking fee may apply during major events.

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Kennedya Drive Joondalup WA 6027


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11 strategies to get your New Year's fitness resolution back on track.

Posted: 4 April 2019

Hard to believe but we are a quarter of the way through the year. While a fitness resolution is often set early in the year when motivation is high, for many, their resolution has fallen by the wayside. Here are some strategies to get back on-track to a healthier, stronger and fitter you in 2019.

  1. Make exercise a priority. Exercise benefits both physical and mental well-being so give it the importance it deserves.
  2. Know what’s expected. The Australian National Exercise guidelines recommend 150 to 300 minutes of moderate activity (can still converse why exercising) or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous activity (breathing harder – puffing) a week as a minimum.
  3. Don’t be daunted. If you breakdown the guidelines above, to 30 minutes moderate activity, 5 times a week, the target is very achievable. The aim is to be active on most days but if you’re only doing two or three sessions, spread them over the week. If you are worried about allocating blocks of time, fit in incidental exercise as a convenient and effective way to tick a few boxes. For example, if you live close enough, a brisk walk or bicycle commute to work or to the shops instead of using the car; climb the stairs instead of taking the lift, use your lunch break to go for a walk.
  4. Time poor – up the intensity. If time is short, you’ll get more 'bang for your buck' from your workout by going flat out. Look to include HIIT workouts, High Intensity Interval Training, to really boost your metabolism and burn calories.
  5. Choose your activity wisely. You are more likely to stick at activities that you enjoy and are close and convenient to home or work.
  6. Find a training buddy. Not only do they make you more accountable, push you to work that little bit harder and further but they also make exercising more fun.
  7. Join a club/group/gym. Social connection builds a sense of belonging and increases the likelihood you’ll stick to your activity. Group fitness classes are a fun, social way to exercise, as is joining a gym where staff and other members are friendly, welcoming and interested in your progress.
  8. Keep things fresh. Add variety into your exercise activities. Not only is it more motivating and challenging for your body’s fitness, it also helps to prevent overuse injuries. Mix up a gym workout, with a variety of group fitness classes (cardio, strength, mind and body) or a swim or cycle.
  9. Become a morning person. Getting your workout out of the way first thing, is a sure fire way of not having something else come up to interfere with your exercise time or find you reluctant to get off the couch at the end of the day.
  10. Set a fitness goal. Make it challenging but achievable and remember that achieving it, is unlikely to be a straight road journey, expect some corners and bumps along the way. Pat yourself on the back as you achieve mini-milestones and be patient – it takes time to establish a routine and achieve fitness goals.
  11. Get some professional guidance. Invest in Personal Training to motivate, challenge and guide you. It could be the best personal investment you make this year. For the more budget conscious try small group personal training.

If you have let your fitness resolution slide don't beat yourself up, just get moving again and enjoy the benefits!

HBF Arena Gym in Joondalup offers the best fitness team, facilities and programs and we're proud of our friendly atmosphere that welcomes people of all ages, sizes and abilities. Our memberships include access to the gym, pool and group fitness classes and for only an additional $10.00 per week you can access unlimited small group personal training sessions. To find out more about HBF Arena Gym click here.