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Our top five tips for choosing the perfect theme for your party or function in Perth

Posted: 25 July 2019

So you’ve got a milestone birthday coming up, something special to celebrate, planning a surprise get-together or simply want to party and have a dance with your mates?

If you’re in charge of arranging a function or party and simply don’t know where to begin choosing a theme is the perfect place to start. It will help set the tone for your function and guide you in making all other big decisions such as what catering to choose, what type of entertainment to hire and how you will set up your function in terms of layout as well as styling. Plus, a themed bash always adds that something extra, provides a talking point for guests and guarantees a memorable evening.

To make sure your night is a success, here are our top five tips and tricks for choosing the perfect theme for your next party or function in Perth:  

1. Look around to find some inspiration

  • Consult the calendar - what time of year is it, are there any holidays or special events coming up that can give you some inspiration?
  • Take a look at pop culture – are there any popular movies or books that have recently come out that provide some inspiration? Perhaps there is a recent craze that you could turn into a fun theme to recreate at your party?
  • Consider abstract ideas – favourite songs, colours, shapes are all interesting starting points.

2. Get personal

  • What is the reason for the party - perhaps it’s your birthday, the birthday of a special friend or family member, or a momentous occasion. Consider the reason for the celebration and let that act as inspiration for the theme.
  • Is there a guest of honour - think about what is meaningful for them, do they have a favourite travel destination, favourite book or movie, favourite band or type of music? Perhaps they have a favourite childhood hero or tv show.
  • Choosing something you love (or the guest of honour loves) can easily be turned into a theme.

3. Consider your guests

  • Considering your guests will help you in deciding on a theme; what would delight your guests and ensure they have a great time?
  • Is there a mix of ages that are coming to your party, perhaps a certain theme is more suitable for the audience than other options you have thought about. 
  • Can you get your guests involved in the theme and ask them to dress up with a prize for best dressed, or give them some props as they enter the party space? 

4. Flesh it out

  • Time to brainstorm – how will your chosen theme (or top three themes) look like in reality, can you envision these themes bringing your function to life?
  • Importantly will your favourite themes be workable with catering and entertainment options? Even more importantly will they be realistic within your budget?
  • What will your theme look like in reality – use Google and Pinterest to get some ideas for how your chosen theme could come to life.

5. Call in the professionals

  • Consider how much time and energy you have to plan a great party. Hosting a great party isn't just coming up with an amazing theme, it involves lots of organising and preparation.
  • We all only have so much time, energy and money; that’s why sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals who can do the leg work for you within your set budget.
  • Let someone with the means and resources help you out and organise something incredible for you. 

The functions team at HBF Arena have extensive experience crafting, organising and delivering uniquely themed parties and functions, they will help you bring your dream celebration to life.

If you want to guarantee a fantastic party or memorable function, find out more about hosting your next event at HBF Arena here